The mushrooms that grow in lawns, gardens, and city habitats

If you’ve got something long and stinky growing in your yard, don’t be scared. You’ve come to the right website.

We have some of the tools you need to identify the mushroom that’s popped up in your grass or garden, whether it’s white and scaly, with a stem and a cap, or black, slimy, and obscene.

The problem is, you might get addicted. After we learned about all the fungi growing in our neighborhood, everything changed.

Life is a mushroom hunt.

We look for mushrooms while walking our dogs, taking our lunch break, cutting the lawn, and watching kids play soccer. There are mushrooms, including many good edibles, on the rotting shag rug in the basement, next to bike trail, on the 9th hole fairway, in the sidewalk crack, on the Elm stump--just about everywhere in urban areas.

We see a rose garden, and we don’t care about the roses anymore. We’re thinking about mushrooms in the woodchips beneath. Screw the flowers. It's the mushrooms that matter most.

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We spend a lot of time here telling stories about urban mushrooms. Please share yours. You’ll find a general comment board here, and comment sections for each mushroom we describe on this website.

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